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Help us shelter vulnerable kids from the storms of life…

What does a desperate child do while he waits for a sponsor? He thanks God for your “shelter” gift, providing a place of refuge from abuse, poverty, malnutrition, exploitation ¬– even war. We’re doing our best to find sponsors…in the meantime you can help us start them on the road to bright futures while they wait!

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“God sets the lonely in families…” (Ps. 68:6)

Nothing says loneliness like a child with no family, or with no hope for the future. But your compassion can give a homeless, hopeless child the path to a very different future, through the gift of child sponsorship. You can help us rescue and care for a vulnerable girl or boy, becoming the instrument God uses to “set the lonely in families” and walking with them to independence!

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What's happening in our world today?

Meet Kids Alive

Celebrating 100 years of rescuing orphans and ministering to vulnerable and exploited children and families. Together, we are delivering hope, sharing the love of Christ,
and marching on to the next century of service in His name!

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South Sudan

Half the population lives on less than $1 a day

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Papua New Guinea

Half the children here never attend school

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Half a million orphans roam Peru's streets

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Malnutrition ravages Haiti's children

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Kids Alive is helping to restore children who are victims of abuse

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Dominican Republic

Hundreds of thousands of children live in poverty

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300,000 orphans roam the streets

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20% of the children in Lebanon are refugees

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More than 1.2 children have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS

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1 in 10 children die before their 5th birthday

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In Kenya, nearly 2 million children are orphans

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Children with disabilities face significant cultural barriers.

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Hong Kong

275,000 children live in poverty

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