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Help us shelter vulnerable kids from the storms of life…

What does a desperate child do while he waits for a sponsor? He thanks God for your “shelter” gift, providing a place of refuge from abuse, poverty, malnutrition, exploitation ¬– even war. We’re doing our best to find sponsors…in the meantime you can help us start them on the road to bright futures while they wait!

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2017 has been a really important – and very encouraging – year for Kids Alive. This first year of our second century of ministry has provided us with some exciting new opportunities for helping some of the most needy and traumatized kids in the countries that we serve around the world.

We’ve been able to provide comfort and healing for children and families who are experiencing the effects of many types of crises: war, famine, fires, floods, and disease.

We’ve increased educational opportunities for thousands of children through upgrading our school classrooms, vocational facilities, and teaching programs, and worked with local governments to help create policies and solutions that protect children from exploitation and abuse.

We’ve seen lives radically changed by the transforming power of Jesus Christ. Children and young people across the world are recognizing that, in Christ, they have a heavenly Father that they can trust and rely on, and they are committing their lives into His hands.

Earlier this year, I was in Zambia where I met John. This little boy was abandoned at the gate of one of our small-group homes. He was three years old, but was tiny for his age. When he arrived, he was so malnourished and sick that he could barely walk. But, after several months of love, care, medical treatment, and a warm bed to sleep in, John is now a happy, and far healthier, little boy. He loves to play and laugh with the other children. He is thriving in school. John now has a very real hope for the future!

John is just one of the children that we have had the privilege of rescuing this year!

I have been thrilled to see the impact of our work with refugee children in Lebanon who have fled from their homes as a result of conflict in the region. These kids have lost their homes and possessions. Some have seen family members killed before their eyes. Others have been shot at as they escaped the violence. All now live in squalid conditions.

But God is at work in these children’s lives! They are learning and healing. Many of them are responding with joy and hope to the Good News of Jesus Christ!

And it is always so encouraging to see the lasting impact of our work in children’s lives. This year, nine of our students in Dominican Republic graduated from university – seven of them are in this picture. These young people had unimaginably tough starts to their lives. They have known hunger, abuse, and other forms of trauma and appeared to be trapped in a never-ending cycle of poverty. In this picture you now see four school teachers, a doctor, a dentist, and an accountant. And these seven young people love and serve the Lord and believe that He has the best possible plans for their lives!

Thank you.

None of this could be accomplished without your compassionate support and ongoing involvement. Every rescue, every child’s life changed, is the result of people like you who cared enough to give and to pray. I am grateful for you!