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Help us shelter vulnerable kids from the storms of life…

What does a desperate child do while he waits for a sponsor? He thanks God for your “shelter” gift, providing a place of refuge from abuse, poverty, malnutrition, exploitation ¬– even war. We’re doing our best to find sponsors…in the meantime you can help us start them on the road to bright futures while they wait!

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Residential Children’s Homes

KAI provides loving, safe, family-style homes for orphans and vulnerable kids who have nowhere else to go.

When loss of parents or abandonment leaves children with nowhere to go, Kids Alive cares for them in family-like units with loving Christian houseparents, where they experience – often for the first time – having physical needs met in the context of the love and warmth of a family.


Dominican Republic

Ark Constanza

The Ark Constanza Children’s Home provides residential care to children who have no parents to adequately provide for their needs 24/7.

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Ark Jarabacoa

The Ark Jarabacoa, filled with “families” of orphaned and vulnerable children and houseparents, includes nine homes, a chapel, and outdoor recreation spaces.

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Casa Monte Plata

Casa Monte Plata is providing impoverished children with shelter, food, and education – all under the loving care of Christian house parents.

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House of Hope Children’s Home

House of Hope rescues and cares for girls who have suffered abandonment and extreme neglect in state institutions.

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Dar El Awlad Boys’ Home
Dar El Awlad provides a home for boys, ages 3-20, who have been orphaned or are from very poor families who are unable to care for them.

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Serenity Girls’ Home

Home of Serenity is a home for girls ages 4-18, where all their needs are met and they are introduced to Jesus by loving house parents.

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The Oasis

The Oasis is a safe haven for girls who were forced into child labor or sexual abuse where they are introduced to Christ’s transforming love.

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Casa Ester Home Independence Program

Casa Ester provides supervised independent living for girls who have graduated from Oasis, and includes higher education, job training, and discipleship.

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La Arquilla

La Arquilla provides a home to young teenage girls who are pregnant as a result of abuse, giving them and their babies loving care and support.

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Haiti Children’s Village

The Children’s Village houses and cares for 80 children, most of whom lost parents or were abandoned during the 2010 earthquake.

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Karundas Children’s Home

The Karundas Home cares for abandoned AIDS babies, girls who are victims of sexual abuse, and children with other cultural challenges.

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Kids Alive Boys’ Center

The Kids Alive Boys’ Home provides residential care for 70 boys ages 9-18, supporting their education and giving opportunities for a better future.

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Nyamarambe Children’s Home

Nyamarambe’s Christian houseparents lovingly care for two dozen children, mainly HIV/AIDS orphans, who would otherwise be struggling just to survive.

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Mitaboni Children’s Home

At the Mitaboni Children’s Home, hurting and destitute boys and girls receive quality holistic care from loving Christian house parents.

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Juniper Tree Children’s Home

Juniper Tree’s family-style homes provide for the physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs of children who need a safe place to grow.

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Friends of Peru Andahuaylas Children’s Home

Friends of Peru Home helps poor, abused, and abandoned children by providing shelter, food, clothing, education help, and job-skill training.

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The Orchard

This new home will serve orphans and other vulnerable children in the jungle community of Pucallpa.

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The Boys’ Hope Center

Committed caregivers in our Boys’ Home provide safety and meet basic needs for street children, refugees, and others from impoverished backgrounds.

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South Sudan

Good Shepherd Home

Good Shepherd Home cares for boys who have been living on the streets or in abusive situations, providing for physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

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Home of Onesiphorus

Originally founded to help polio victims, Onesiphorus focuses on caring for children from dysfunctional backgrounds and children disabled by disease or accidents.

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Lilato Children’s Village

Lilato’s committed staff and houseparents care for abandoned babies and children orphaned by HIV/AIDS, providing basic needs and the love of Christ.

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Chikondi Children’s Village of Lusaka

Chikondi Village provides HIV/AIDS orphans and other hurting children nutritious meals, education, medical attention, loving caregivers, and a chance to know Christ.

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